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Blast & Paint

Repair, Blast and Paint

We recondition stainless steel, aluminum, cast aluminum, cast and wrought iron by:

  • Sandblasting away any and all dirt and rust
  • Repairing damages such as cracks, fractures and dents
  • Applying a primer coat for proper protection
  • Painting items with a high-grade paint color of choice
  • Ensuring item is dried at the proper temperature and humidity levels

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Mobile Blasting

Our Fabrication Shop now has the capabilities to do mobile projects with the DB500 Dustless Blaster. This new machinery is safe and eco-friendly, utilizing recycled bottle glass. It will not cause warping because the water used in the application keeps the surface cool when being applied.

The DB500 Dustless Blaster will work on the following applications:

  • Automotive: Removes paint, rust and Bondo. Safe for the body, frame, rims and other parts.
  • Marine: Gentle enough to remove paint from the hull and strong enough to remove heavy marine growth on the outdrive and prop.
  • Industrial: Can remove existing residue and rust from trusses and walkways. Can remove 10 mil epoxy. Strong enough to remove dried up mortar and concrete from a cement mixer.
  • Graffiti: Can safely remove paint and graffiti from concrete and brick walls.
  • Wood Restoration: Removes paint, polyurethane, lacquer, stain and other coatings on wood. Can strip down decks and handrails.
  • Miscellaneous: Can remove grease from parking lots and numerous other related applications.