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Railcar Components

Our Fabrication Shop builds custom railcar components including gates and hatch covers, interior Swing-Away Bulkheads for boxcars and one of the largest railcar gravity discharge gates in the industry. Our railcar components are safe, practical and cost-effective solutions.

Butterfly Gate 

The BVG-110 aluminum butterfly gate is used in PTA service, where compressed air or nitrogen is introduced into the railcar through the blue fluidizer pads to “fluff” the material that has compacted during shipping in order to expedite unloading of this particular product.

Gravity Discharge Gate

The 28″ x 48″ steel gravity discharge gate has one of the largest gate openings in the industry today. We also provide a variety of other gate sizes and types.

Swing Away Bulk Head

The LRD Swing-Away Bulkhead offers shippers a safe, easy-to-operate and cost-effective solution for rail transportation problems. The swing-away door design reduces the threat of injury associated with traditional restraint syste

It can be operated by one person, providing significant savings on manpower expenses. The LRD Swing-Away Bulkhead also is lighter than other bulkhead dividers for boxcars, meaning that rail cars can carry more freight.

Nearly maintenance free, the AAR-approved system adapts to all load configurations, reducing damage while in route. The Andersons can modify your existing railcars or provide you with railcars equipped with the LRD Swing-Away Bulkhead.

Parts and Tools

- Locomotive Blue Flag - Cut Down Dolly Cart - Aluminum Hatch Key - Hockey Stick - Jackstand - Side Sill Support Stand - Brake Lever - Coaming - Chain Hook