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Leasing & Sales

Lease, Manage and Sell

The Andersons has a fleet of more than 24,000 various railcars and locomotives that we lease, manage and sell. With our extensive rail market knowledge, railcar repair facilities and railcar component capabilities, we will provide smart solutions to meet the demands of your business.

We have a diverse range of railcars that will keep your products rolling to its destination:

  • Large Cube Covered Hoppers
  • Covered Hoppers
  • Boxcars
  • Tank Cars
  • Gondolas
  • Open Top Hoppers
  • PD Hopper Cars
  • Flat Cars
  • Locomotives

Leasing and Finance

The Andersons has 70 years in the railcar business and is a trusted partner in the rail industry. Our diverse range of railcars, extensive network of railcar repair shops and a variety of leasing options keep customers coming back.

Net Lease: A short or long term railcar lease option available where the Lessee is financially responsible for all railcar maintenance, program repair, and re-qualification, as well as paying associated ad-valorem taxes and insurance. Similar to our Modified Full Service Lease, we can offer the assistance of The Andersons' extensive internal shop network, as well as third-party vendor repair shops, to ensure your railcars meet your specifications while maintaining the railcars throughout the life of the lease.

Modified Full Service Lease: A short or long term full service railcar lease option available where the Lessee has responsibility for selected maintenance and repair items. With the benefit of our experienced fleet logistics, mechanical, and transaction team members, we will handle all aspects of the railcars including scheduled maintenance and program repairs, filing and payments of ad-valorem taxes and provide assistance for the Lessee on filing for OT-5 authority on the Lesseeā€™s behalf.

Per Diem Lease: A per diem lease allows the railroad to meet the shipping and car supply needs of our customers, without the monthly rental expense, while benefitting from the freight revenue generated from loaded off-line movements from your customers.

Sale Lease Back

The Andersons also offers a Sale Lease Back option for your business. We will purchase your surplus railcars and lease them back to you on either a Full Service or Net Lease. The Andersons can also work with your business to remarket your railcars to other end users on a sublease basis which will help you minimize your costs on a surplus or obsolete fleets.

How Can We Serve You?

If you would like more information about leasing cars, please fill out the following form and a sales representative will contact you.